Doing vs Intentions

This weekend is Bloggiesta, an event which encourages bloggers to take the time to fix up their blogs, tackle some blogging goals, and maybe even learn something new from the mini-challenges that are offered.

So for this weekend, as well as for life in general, I think this quote is perfect:

Doing vs Intentions


Take the time this weekend, or any weekend, to make sure that your list isn’t just a list, that you actually do something to make your blog better.

Even better, take this into your life outside of blogging and do something kind for someone.  Maybe you’ve always intended to meet that new neighbor.  Maybe this was the weekend you were going to clean out the garage, call your grandmother, write a letter to a friend.  Don’t let your intentions get in the way – do it!

What do you intend on doing this weekend?  Now, go DO it!



13 thoughts on “Doing vs Intentions

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