#30Authors – Adria Cimino (aka Adria in Paris)

30 Authors

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Author Adria J. Cimino on The Art of Falling by Kathryn Craft

The Art of Falling - 30 Authors

Photo Credit: Author website

Expressing one art form through another always intrigues me. In this case, Kathryn Craft choreographs with words to create dance, to bring graceful movement to each page of this well-written novel. Movement controls Penny’s heart and soul, even when she struggles to execute the smallest steps after her fall or faces the tough realities of the world of dance. As the reader, I was quickly following her footsteps, dancing with her through her moments of despair and hope.

Penny herself is an admirable character. She is strong, disciplined and has a soft side that allows itself to slip forth at the most important times. Her main weakness is the view that she has of herself as she looks at the “perfect” bodies of the slimmer dancers. This novel deals brilliantly with the issues of body image and eating disorders, which although are particularly prominent in dance, also are relevant well beyond. Penny realizes she must conquer this lack of self-assurance and must believe in her talent if she hopes to truly rebuild her life.

I am a dance lover, but you don’t have to be to enjoy The Art of Falling. This novel reaches farther as it explores relationships that are a part of all of our lives: Mother-daughter, friendship, love, mentor-student. How lives touch is an integral part of the book. And each character feels very real. Penny’s relationship with her mother as well as the friendship she builds with a young women suffering from cystic fibrosis are particularly poignant.

Failure, regret, discovery, joy and forgiveness weave through the lives of the characters, separating them at certain points and bringing them back together. If I close my eyes, I can see this as a work of modern dance set to the music of words.

Author Bio

Adria Cimino - 30 Authors

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Adria J. Cimino is the author of Paris, Rue des Martyrs, the story of four troubled strangers whose lives entwine in a Parisian neighborhood. Adria lives in Paris and enjoys sharing her adventures in the city and thoughts about the writing life in her blog Adria in Paris.

Previously, she worked as a journalist for more than a decade at news organizations including the Associated Press and Bloomberg News. Adria, who grew up in the sunshine, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.

You can also learn more about Adria Cimino by liking her on Facebook, following her on Twitter, or purchasing her book here.

Interested in The Art of Falling? You can learn about Kathryn Craft by liking her on Facebook or following her on Twitter. Or, you can purchase the book here.

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3 thoughts on “#30Authors – Adria Cimino (aka Adria in Paris)

  1. A strong character named Penny? Well, I think that means I’m in for this one (even if my own Penny is far from disciplined). I also LOVE Adria’s last sentence and am always looking for a book that I can visualize if I close my eyes. That alone makes me want to pick up the book.

    Thank you so much for participating!


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