Kindness is Fashionable

I’m a huge fan of kindness, and I think a little goes a long way.  For instance, every morning on my AM walks, I wave at each person I see and every car.  I’m amazed at how many people in their cars stare at me but don’t wave back.  I’m not asking for a donation, here, just a hello!

But then there are those people who always wave back, who say good morning, and it really does make my day.

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, what your life is like, kindness is not only always fashionable, but most of the time, it’s super easy!

Pledge to do something kind for someone else this week!




4 thoughts on “Kindness is Fashionable

  1. Yes, small everyday courtesies have gone lost somewhere. At least this is how it appears to me. A friendly Hello or a quick Thank You are rare nowadays. And it’s so easy. Just like you, I’m not giving up on this, even if nothing comes back.


  2. Unfortunately small everyday courtesies seem to be disappearing. I also try to always greet people and, like you, I sometimes get ignored (even by neighbors). Fortunately there are still people like you that keep these small courtesies alive.


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