Twin Nursery Reveal

Here’s a peek into my fraternal boys’ twin nursery!

We kept to a tight budget, with great furniture from IKEA and a lot of DIY.  The nursery room isn’t large, but it’s a decent size for twins.

My husband painted the nursery gray and we (okay, okay, HE) added navy blue stripes to the wall with the cribs.

Here’s a panorama shot of the twin nursery:

Twin Nursery

Please excuse the slightly wavy lines!  It’s kind of hard to panorama an entire room.

Twin Nursery

Notice the gray blur on the wall?  Those are amazing decals we had made of each boy’s name, which are secrets until their birth.  I’ll trade out these photos for the ones with their names after I give birth.

Cribs are from IKEA and are amazing because they have two drawers underneath each one.  This saves us from having to buy a crib skirt and also provides us with some extra storage.  The mobiles and whale painting were splurges from Buy Buy Baby, but they matched too perfectly to pass up.

Twin Nursery

Twin Nursery

Because the closet in this room is smaller than most people’s refrigerators, I added some hooks to the left of the window.  Right now, I have hung a few toys and teethers, but these silver command hooks will work well for the boys’ hats, or whatever else they have that can be hung!

Twin Nursery

I fell in love with these unpainted wooden letters from Etsy, and with the help of my sister and mother, we painted, washi taped, and decorated the alphabet.  Then I hung them using the easiest Command 3M Picture Hangers.

The glider is from Target, and so are the curtains and valance.

Twin Nursery

These dressers are from IKEA and came with “adult-looking” metal knobs.  I purchased some plain wooden knobs from Amazon and painted them blue with yellow dots or yellow with blue dots.  I think it spruces up the dressers well, and makes them a little more kid-friendly.

Instead of a changing table, we’re using one of the wooden dressers.  The other dresser is acting as a bookshelf for board books.  Above the changing table is a pegboard which acts both as a diaper changing storage area and a gallery wall.  The empty space on the left is for newborn photos.

Twin NurseryThis nursery pegboard was a DIY, made from a white pegboard from Lowes, cut to size.  My husband hung it using a pegboard kit from Ace Hardware.  The baskets holding the diapers and wipes are from IKEA.  Pegboard hooks are also from Ace.  I used clothespins and twist ties to make the two “picture areas” (one holding a photo and the other holding their baby shower invite) and this makes it very easy to change the images.

The small whales are from Michaels and crafted with washi tape.  The bowties are just tiny pieces of fabric, created using an online tutorial and some hot glue.  The bucket was in Target’s dollar section, spray painted white, and washi taped.  The framed whale is made from a wooden frame, fabric, and felt from Hobby Lobby.


Our goal was to create a nursery suitable for babies but that also have the capability to grow with the boys as they get a little older.  The pegboard can be completely redone, the alphabet taken down, and the dressers can easily be painted.

Now, all we need to add are the twins!



27 thoughts on “Twin Nursery Reveal

  1. I am so in love with horizontal stripes in a room. But really, everything else you’ve done is excellent! I assume you’re snuggling up with the boys right about now!


  2. Rebecca, I am not surprised at how organized this twin nursery looks! And so amazing that you already have names, etc. I know how excited you must be, and as a mom, I only want to encourage you to spend all the time you can loving, bonding, reading, etc. You only have them for such a short time as infants and the imprint you can make on them lasts a lifetime! Blessings on you, sweet mama!

    FYI, I’m returning to the book blogging world but under a new name. The old Found Between the Covers seemed so mundance. I have the blog set up but haven’t posted my first review yet. You can take a look at Puddletown Reviews (


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  4. Precis. Kollegan som gillar flottig mat har sina preferenser sanktionerade från högsta (nåja) ort, likaledes han som bara äter kött, salladsmanikern, etc. Det enda som verkar vara helt uteslutet är att äta lite av varje, den där varierade kosten man fick sig itutad i skolan.


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