Love at First Book offers publicists, authors, and bookstores flexible advertising opportunities whether they are direct ads, sponsored posts, or giveaways. Feel free to check out my Publicity page for Love at First Book features.

For complete details and pricing information, please contact


Love at First Book is associated with various paid content systems, including affiliate links, sponsored posts, and website advertisements. Paid content does not affect the opinions of Love at First Book and book reviews are not, and will not, be written for pay. That said, it is because of these paid opportunities that Love at First Book is able to maintain its operation costs, which includes, but is not limited to, purchasing books, mailing products to giveaway winners, and paying for domains/monthly hosting fees.


Love at First Book is an affiliate of several different companies, including Amazon and IndieBound. All links to these companies are affiliate links. What this means is that if you use these links to purchase a product, a portion of the purchase will be given back to Love at First Book, without changing your cost at all. 

Sponsored Posts

Love at First Book occasionally showcases sponsored posts, meaning the provider of the post paid a fee to share their content. All sponsored posts are identified as such at the beginning of the article.


Some companies pay Love at First Book to run advertisements on the website. These include LitBreaker and various publishers/authors. Advertisements will not interfere with the quality, content, or originality of the articles that appear on the website. Reviews are not, and will not, be for pay.


**More information can be found on my Policies page. 

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