Bloggiesta 2013

This is my first time participating in Bloggiesta, and this page will continue to be updated throughout the event!

Basically, Bloggiesta is a weekend to focus on your blog and reach out to other bloggers.  In addition to the challenges allotted, here are my own personal goals, listed below.

To Do List:

  • Update my About page – Done!!! And got so many great tips thanks to other book bloggers’ help! 
  • Fix up my widgets and sidebar – Done! Even less stuff but I think only the necessary
  • Update my FB, Twitter, Pinterest info re: my blog
  • Deal with my affiliate approvals
  • Go through my email re: blog info
  • Complete as many challenges as possible – I did what was relavant to me, plus need to follow-up with @ The Book Wheel’s challenge!
  • Participate in Twitter chats (#Bloggiesta) – All of the Twitter chats!!! Woo hoo!!!!
  • Create an icon for an upcoming event that I’m planning with Allison @ The Book Wheel (To be announced sooooooon!)
  • Check out some more social networking sites
  • Work on my Riffle lists and link Riffle to my blog
  • Link LibraryThing, Bookish, etc to my blog contact info
  • Go over and figure out how to improve my blog according to HubSpot
  • Update my blogroll (sorry to all the bloggers I love, I’m so behind on this!)
  • Prep some tweets and FB posts for Love at First Book FB page
  • Create a logo for the time being for my blog
  • Look for local bookish events in my area (that will end up being things I can blog about!)

Newly added because other bloggers had fabulous ideas. . .

  • Comment on everyone’s Bloggiesta post – DONE (yeah, like 90+ blog posts!)
  • Make a cover pic for my blog FB pageDone! Thank you, PicMonkey!
  • Back up my blog – Done!!!

So, while I didn’t do even half of my list, I don’t feel bad.  I did what I could, and I’ll work on the rest of it sometime soon!!!

Have any advice for my to-do list?

What’s on your blog to-do list?

Thanks for reading,


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