3GAB Book Tour

3rd Generation and Beyond Book Tour!

I recently hosted a book tour for Danna Pycher’s book, 3rd Generation and Beyond.

Thank you to those who joined in with the successful Twitter chat! #3GAB

Here’s my review, plus check out Amazon and Goodreads for more!  Want to read some of the book?  It’s here on Scribd!

Here are the tour dates with reviews, guest posts, and an interview!
May 6 – Brad @ Book YA Review: Book Review
May 8 – Mel @ The Book Musings: Book Review
May 10 – Allison @ The Book Wheel: Book Review
May 11 – Isi @ From Isi: Book Review
May 14 – Rebecca @ Love at First Book: Book Review
May 15 – Jennine @ My Life in Books: Book Review
May 16 – Jennine @ My Life in Books: Guest post by Danna
May 18 – Shannon @ I Read Run Teach: Book Review
May 21 – Wendy @ Write on Wendy#5minfiction/Author info and Here
May 23 – Stephanie @ Steph the Bookworm: Book Review
May 24 –  Mirely @ Rumor Has It: Book Review

We also hosted a giveaway, which was open to everyone, with 5 copies of 3rd Generation and Beyond up for grabs!  USA winners received physical or e-book copies and international winners received digital copies.

Thank you to all of the book tour participants!



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