Boulder Public Library

Last week I went to Boulder with a few friends who were visiting.  We did Pearl Street like last time, checking out the bookstores (both the Trident and Boulder Bookstore), and other shops, of course.  I was happy to pick up another Gillian Flynn novel from the Trident Booksellers and Cafe for only $1!  Woo hoo!


Stephanie and I were so busy laughing at this section of funny books at the Boulder Bookstore, that I had no idea I was sitting under the table! 

But this time, we also took the Boulder Creek Trail, which was beautiful.

Look how beautiful the trail is!

Look how pretty the creek is!  And I’m pretty cute, too, risking my life on this tree hanging over the freezing creek!

And to park at the trail, we used the Boulder Public Library parking lot. . . which of course led us inside (come on, how can I refuse???) and we were able to see how beautiful this library was as well!!!



A library with the backdrop of mountains?  Couldn’t be better!


Aquarium at the entrance to the library


There were trees ALL over this library, growing right inside!  There also was a tiny pond with an itsy bitsy waterfall INSIDE the library!


Someone enjoying a book by the creek right outside of the library.  Too bad I can’t see what he was reading!


Are all libraries in Colorado as amazing as the Boulder Public Library and the Denver Public Library?

Shout out your favorite library!

Thanks for reading,


22 thoughts on “Boulder Public Library

  1. The Eau Gallie Public Library is my favorite library in this area. It’s small, but the view of the Indian River out of the plate glass windows along the entire length of the back of the library is truly gorgeous! They have areas where you can sit and read while enjoying that view, and one of the study rooms is also along that back wall with the windows. If you want an even more upclose view of the river you can head outside and read in the park or sit on a bench on the large pier over the water.

    The service at the Eau Gallie Public Library is great too. In fact, some books the reference librarian helped me order in are there waiting for me to pick up right now. I needed her help because I was requesting more than one copy of the same title for one of the literature circles in my classroom, and she was more than happy to assist me. My students are looking forward to reading The Elevator Family by Douglas Evans next, and thanks to the help of friendly employees of the Eau Gallie Public library each of my students will have their own copy to read.


    • Kendra,

      That is my favorite library in Brevard. Even though I was living like 10-15 north, I would still go to that library because of that long window view of the water.

      When my husband and I lived closer, we used to go and bring our own books on steamy hot summer days, pull chairs up to the windows, and enjoy the view (and the AC) as we read!

      You couldn’t get all the copies from the library specialist? 😉



  2. Wow, that’s one fabulous library — I love the greenery and water inside. It’s so peaceful and inviting. I love my local library, but it’s a pretty standard kind of library building without any redeeming architectural features.


    • Every library I have been to in Florida is a pretty normal library, so it’s been nice being able to check out a few Colorado ones that are great while I’m here. These two also happen to be in large cities, so that might help! I just happened to be by the central branches, so it’s a little bit of luck along with it.


  3. I was thinking your final line the whole time I was reading! I’ve only been to the Denver PL, but the Boulder one looks beautiful too. Must be something about the Mountains that inspires readers and architects.


    • I have to agree! I’ve been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with these libraries. First, I live close enough to walk to the Denver one. Then, the parking lot closest to the Boulder Creek Path is the library!


    • I know. . . I was kind of dying to know what he was reading but I thought he’d think I was weird.

      There was also a homeless person (I’m pretty sure) using some books as a pillow, but I didn’t take a picture of that since it’s not super appropriate to do so.


  4. Beautiful! I love that there are trees inside, it makes the libraries here seem so dull (well, they’re dull anyway, but this really puts them to shame). The exterior is lovely too, really welcoming.


    • Oh trust me, the majority of libraries I have been in, in cities I have lived in, are “dull” (although they can’t be dull if they are filled with amazing books!!!). I am on a temporary stay in Denver and on the recent trip to Boulder, I stumbled upon this library! It’s been so nice to see how beautiful and welcoming some libraries are!


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