Bookish Pics from the Road Trip

While on my road trip, I came across some bookish art that I wanted to share!

photo (2)

Reading with a statue in Hilton Head, SC

photo 2

Some beautiful old books at an art museum in Chattanooga

photo 3

Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN

photo 4

Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN

photo 4 (1) sm

Book Warehouse $3 and under books, located off of I-75 in GA, 5 miles from the FL border

photo 3 (1)sm

Book Warehouse – sooooo many great books to choose from!

photo 5

The books I picked up from the Book Warehouse near Valdosta, GA

photo 1sm

Not a bookish picture, but this is something I learned after reading it on a dolphin statue at the Atlanta Aquarium, and I thought it was fitting since it’s something I read (plus, I had no idea!)

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading,


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28 thoughts on “Bookish Pics from the Road Trip

  1. Great pics! I love the Book Warehouse you went to – I used to go when I went to FSU and I would stop in when I went to visit my sis in TN. Such a great store – there are so many books!!! Loved the pile you picked up – the Egan book is fantastic! Enjoy your new reads 🙂


  2. This is great! I still have to post something about my holiday to Prague (where I saw a statue of Kafka and his birthhouse), but I always seem to forget to write that post, oops :p


  3. Oh my goodness, the Book Warehouse looks amazing; I’m impressed you left with only four books! Goon Squad is fantastic, and I’ve heard great things about Prep and The Sense of and Anding.


    • YES!!!! Like all of the books you would want! It was like visiting a library, but you could BUY the books! I mean, of course there were authors I had no idea about, but I could have walked away with 500 books from there, all from reputable authors, many of whom have won awards for their books. And Jennine, you’d like it a lot too because there was a huge Christian section. It didn’t benefit me (being Jewish) but I know it’s something you would have loved.


  4. I’m so excited that you made it to the Book Warehouse! I’ve driven by it at least 50 times (no lie – in the course of my life I have drive the east coast at a minimum of 25 times) and never made it in. I was so worried that you wouldn’t make it there because you taking another highway!

    Like I said, I ‘m SO excited that you made it 🙂


  5. That books in the second pic is really nice! I found similar looking books at a second hand book store (although not so neat), but I was out of money so I couldn’t buy it. I think one was Dickens and the other were Shakespeare etc. I don’t read Shakespeare, but I would’ve bought the books just for the covers!


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