365 Project: Days 84-90

Day 84 – Reading on the metro on my way home from lunch with a friend and her adorable son!

Day 85 – MOM’s Organic Market – soooo excited about using their overwhelming bulk section!

Day 86 – The best place to nap is under a bookshelf!


Day 87 – Metro ride home from tapas with an old/new friend!


Day 88 – Part of a secret project. . . muahahaha!

Day 89 – My mail: A surprise article from Susannah re: my strange obsession with jails and gangs, two books that I am excited to read, and a thank you note from Stephanie!

Day 90 – Stamped a bunch of books today! Also made a yummy pizza but forgot to take a pic of it before we ate it!

What were you up to this week?

Thanks for reading,


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15 thoughts on “365 Project: Days 84-90

  1. Awww your puppy. Gabby sleeps on my shelves sometimes too. And sometimes she just walks over to them and starts batting at the books until they fall down. She’s kind of a jerk 🙂

    Also, yay for using your stamp! Love it!


    • Ok, so Allison @ The Book Wheel had this amazing thought: Make a stamp for your blog.

      Allison did it when she had a bunch of books she was giving away, so she stamped them and thus promoted her blog to lots of unknowns!

      So I found an amazing stamp on Etsy and made my purchase! Now I stamp all of my own books and anyone else’s books who will give me permission to do so!!! I’m on Paperbackswap.com, so any of my books that get sent out are stamped!

      It’s a great investment. About $25-40 depending on where you get the stamp, but worth every penny, I think!!!


  2. MOM’s looks awesome! Bulk spices make me so happy — and tea! Did they have bulk looseleaf tea? I would be in heaven.

    Also, your dog is adorable and hilarious 😛


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